[Notice] Have a look around the new Board_jp

You have not know PhotoCard ‘Board’ yet? you can download high-quality GIFs and communicate with other users

Three Reasons why you have to use Board in PhotoCard right now!

#1. You can download high-quality GIFs and rare idol photos in Board.

You can download photos and GIFs in the users’ posts on your phone!


#2.  Comeback schedules, V app Live news, secrets etc share your special bias news to others

Communicate and share information with others!
“why I have not used Board? Only me did not know comeback news?”


#3. Press the user profile photo in Board, make friends and send and receive voting tickets

Why should I make friends?

 You can vote to your bias and get a special advertisement  as a gift  for celebrating your bias birthday and anniversary in PhotoCard

If you make friends in Board, you can send and receive voting tickets like above!


Fun and lots of communications are only in Board and it is only available in PhotoCard!
Press the above icon, install PhotoCard and let’s enjoy Board!

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